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As an entrepreneur, there is never a shortage of things to do in your business - especially when you're soloThis free 3 day challenge is here to help you scale back on the countless hours you're in the office and develop internal process for your business while simultaneously increasing your revenue.

Day 1: Time Mastery

The challenge will kick off with a lesson on time management for entrepreneurs. You created your business to have more freedom in your life, yet you find yourself working 24/7. Day 1 will provide you with REALISTIC best practices to make better use of your energy and time.


Day 2: Processes That Profit

Day 2 will cover how to create and document processes within your business. Many solopreneurs fail to document what they do everyday in their business - me included! We'll talk about how to approach this, tools to use to make it easier and why organizing your business internally can lead to increased profit.

Day 3: Generating Revenue

Do you find yourself going through the motions of posting on social media, and more but aren't seeing revenue coming in? Day 3 will show you the difference between brand building activities and revenue generating activities. 








I'm Kyshira and I help busy bombshells like you monetize their online presence. You're looking for someone who can help you create a brand strategy that is authentic and profitable. I can help you create the roadmap to branding success! 


My clients have gone on to do amazing things such host sold out events/retreats, publish books, increase their sales by 150% and much more! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome you into The Power Collective and partner with you to achieve increased clarity and explosive growth for your brand. 


I am also a content creator, serial entrepreneur, and author. Passionate about brand strategy, entrepreneurship, and beauty, I have several brands and ventures that I manage such as Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics, a brand that was featured in Essence within 5 months of launch!  My continuous efforts and involvement have been recognized by EBONY Magazine, Fast Company, XO Necole, CNN Money, Blavity, Empire Life Magazine, and more! In 2017, I was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Style Week Pittsburgh.

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